Zionfelix And Baby Mama Allegedly Breaks Up

Zionfelix And Baby Mama Allegedly Breaks Up

According to an Instagram ghost blogger, prominent Ghanaian blogger Zionfelix and his baby mother Mina’s relationship has reached a snag after the lady abruptly severed things with him.

According to the ghost blogger, Zionfelix and Mina’s romance terminated due to the guys’ parents’ concerns about the girl’s age and tribe.

According to the site, Mina has convinced the blogger that she does not want to continue the connection since she has realized that their lovely relationship would not end in marriage as she had hoped.

According to Tutugyaguonline, Mina is leaving away for her own sanity due to the Zion’s parents’ dispute and hatred, as they have promised never to allow their son to marry her since she is older than him and also from a tribe they despise.

Tutugyaguonline claimed that Mina had hoped that her baby daddy would persuade his parents to accept her until Zionfelix’s father shattered her expectations with a discussion that was intended to strike her hard.

In the alleged contact, the guy tells Mina, “y3mma wo nnware no nn3, nnware no kyena.”
S3 wo se wo y3 ayigbeni aa, mennso m3 y3 asanteni,” which literally means they won’t allow her to marry him. And if she says she’s an Ewe, he’s also an Ashanti.

Zionfelix And Baby Mama's Allegedly Breaks Up