Zambian Lady Demands Child Support From Tekno For Using His Pana Song To Make Her Pregnant

A Zambian woman called Rita Mwayanda has made a public plea to get Nigerian musician, Tekno, to pay child support.

Rita cried that she finds herself in her current predicament because of Tekno’s hit song, ‘Pana’.

According to the Zambian, Tekno was her favourite singer from Nigeria, and every day she went out of her way to enjoy herself with his songs.

When she got pregnant, ‘Pana’ was Tekno’s latest song making the rounds in Zambia, where she lives permanently.

In 2016, owing to the immense love she had for the Nigerian singer, she went to a club to listen to Tekno’s songs.

While there, she met a man she knew nothing about while enjoying Tekno’s songs. In her excitement, she slept with the man and got pregnant.

Hence, Tekno and his ‘Pana’ song stand accused of coercing her into messing up her life with an unwanted pregnancy.

Consequently, she is appealing to the public to get Tekno to do the needful by contributing to child support for her child.

“If it wasn’t for Tekno, I wouldn’t have this child, so he needs to pay for child support,” she said.

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Source: Cutie Juls

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