"Your Greed Wrecked Kumawood" -Ras Kuuku Scolds Kwadwo Nkansah

“Your Greed Wrecked Kumawood” -Ras Kuuku Scolds Kwadwo Nkansah

Ras Kuuku scolds Kwadwo Nkansah in a facebbok post, saying Kumawood film industry has being Wrecked by the actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win.

His monopoly and avarice have been exposed, and the local film industry has suffered greatly as a result.

This message was delivered by Reggae-Dancehall musician Ras Kuuku, who characterized Lil Win as a little child who has to be modest and learn.

Lil Win was also cautioned by Ras Kuuku not to enter the music business with negative energy and harm it. He claims that Lil Win has a propensity for wreaking havoc and shouldn’t be permitted.

Ras Kuuku issued a contentious Facebook post in which he cautioned Lil Win to stay in his lane while also ostensibly expressing his distaste for him.

Kwadwo Nkansah is the main reason why the Ghana movie industry collapsed, Humble Yourself me nua . You see how you’ve collapsed KumaWood.”

“Shame on you. We got no space for concert party people like you in the Music Industry. Go and fix your failed and collapsed KumaWood. S3 ‘me ladder’ Aaah, foolish song like that.”

Producers, directors, and performers have made certain claims against Lil Win, claiming that he has taken over the Kumawood industry.

Veteran performers have also expressed their sadness about Lil Win’s emergence as the star of every role, which denies them of possibilities.

Is Lil Win to fault for Kumawood’s demise? Ras Kuuku concurs and has asked him to refrain from intruding on the music business.

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