"Your Dumsor Demo Against Mahama Was Pointless" - Dumelo Fires Yvonne Nelson

“Your Dumsor Demo Against Mahama Was Pointless” – Dumelo Fires Yvonne Nelson

Actor-turned-politician John Dumelo has dismissed colleague Yvonne Nelson’s (Dumsor) activism during former President Mahama’s tenure as “useless.”

According to him, whatever prompted the Yvonne Nelson-led “Dumsor” demonstration at the time was ill-conceived and did not accurately reflect the situation.

John Dumelo confronted Yvonne Nelson in the Adom FM studios, pointing accusing fingers at the actress.
He went on to say that she rushed to organize protests against the Mahama administration.

In explaining why he thought Yvonne Nelson’s demo was pointless, John Dumelo mentioned that former President Mahama dealt with the dumsor problem before leaving office
As a result, Yvonne Nelson and her colleagues embarked on a futile mission.

“I don’t think it was necessary.”
Allow me to explain why.
Because the president (at the time, John Mahama) promised to fix the problem.
That’s what he said, and he corrected himself before leaving.
It’s a known fact.

“I’m sure people were fed up at the time when Yvonne organized the march.”
As a result, they had no choice but to act.
However, (ex-President) Mahama has promised to correct the situation.”

The Dumsor Demo in 2015 was a celebrity-led demonstration led by Yvonne Nelson to protest the erratic supply of power at the time.

The demonstration drew widespread attention, with notable celebrities such as Prince David Osei, Van Vicker, and others taking part.

After several years, John Dumelo dismissed the demonstration as futile and urged Yvonne Nelson to organize a similar protest against the current NPP administration.

In 2015, Yvonne Nelson wore a black T-shirt with the hashtag and a floppy black sunhat as she marched alongside hundreds of other protesters, many of whom wore black and carried torches and lanterns to express their dissatisfaction with the erratic power supply.

She was accompanied by celebrities such as Van Vicker, a Nigerian film actor.
It was the first time celebrities had challenged Ghana’s government on the issue.

The walk which ended at Green Park opposite the Villagio at the Tettey Quashie Interchange, after passing through Opkonglo traffic light and Shiashi junction.
Among those who attended the vigil were DKB, Van Vicker, Confidence Haugen, Efya, Nikki Samonas, Lydia Forson, Prince David Osei, Sidney, Eddie Watson, E.L, and Ama K. Abebrese.