You'll Go To jail For Trying To Rape My Secretary-Shatta Wale Exposes Deportee

You’ll Go To jail For Trying To Rape My Secretary-Shatta Wale Exposes Deportee

Shatta Wale exposes Deportee, his former confidant and friend for allegedly trying to rape his secretatry.

Shatta Wale, Nana Dope, and Deportee were the three accomplices that were detained in connection with a fabricated joke.

Deportees had come forward to describe how Shatta Wale mistreated them by leaving them in prison after they had been arrested for a crime.

Deportee and Nana Dope were taken into custody after their detention and taken before the court before being sentenced to two (2) weeks in solitary confinement. However, Shatta Wale’s attorneys were able to gain bail for him just a few days later, thus they were forced to serve the two weeks in prison.

After the judge in charge of the case punished Shatta Wale Ghc 2000 for the offense and warned that he would go to jail if he didn’t pay, the situation has since changed, and Shatta Wale is now free.

Deportee, who is upset about the whole incident, claimed in an interview that they still go to court after serving the two-week remand sentence and Nana Dope’s efforts on behalf of Shatta Wale to get them released.

In a scathing retort, Shatta Wale has attempted to silence Deportee by exposing some of the ghosts hiding in his closet.

The SM President claimed that Deportee attempted to rape his secretary in the restroom by forcing himself on her. He has stopped the public from hearing and seeing a regrettable incident.

Shatta Wale said that the past incident should be reported to the police for prompt reparation since Deportee is trying to ruin his name.

The Deportee had been admonished by him not to bite off more than he could chew. Shatta Wale hinted in a Snapchat update that Deportee had to pay back the money, land, and vehicles he had lent to him.

He demanded Deportee to remain silent in the interim or risk being revealed, arrested, and reported to the authorities.

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