You Pay Well, You Tax Us – Habiba Sinare Replies Mark Okraku On Online Taxation Comment

You Pay Well, You Tax Us - Habiba Sinare Replies Mark Okraku On Online Taxation Comment

Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Habiba Sinare has responded to Mark Okraku Mantey on his comment that the government must place taxes YouTube and other online services.

The Deputy Minister for Tourism has suggested that the government after its successful passage of the E-Levy bill must consider means to collect tax from Ghanaian YouTubers and others who make revenue from online businesses.

My creative people are selling on YouTube, iTunes, bolt foods, uber, people are now buying clothes online, are they paying anything to the government? No, I think after the momo I think we need to go heavily online and then cyber to see what we can get from there,” he said.

In responds to the comment by the Minister, the Ghanaian actress who doubles as a producer, is saying that there wouldn’t be a problem for people in the creative arts industry to pay tax, however, the government must sow in the industry first before reaping.

Dear Sir, I will personally not have any problems contributing to my nation’s growth. But then I am pleading with the government to consider investing in the entertainment & Art industry. They will be amazed at how much revenue they will generate from us,” she said in a tweet.

She suggested how the government can invest in the sector, she said “build cinemas for us in every region (or major regions), and create a state-owned online streaming platform that will only have Ghanaian entertainment. The world is basically online now. We only understand online language. Own our industry“.

“At the end of the day, it expands the entertainment industry and also creates room for employment. More work to do, more people employed. You pay well! You tax us! We pay Taxes! Country moves forward!,” she added.

Sharing her thoughts in a series of tweets, she concluded that “people go through a lot to even get content to post on their YouTube channels. Hmm Long and short of it, please only reap when you have sown! I mean no harm or disrespect, this is just a humble request if not y3 BP b3 k) sru wai”.

The Ghanaian actress who is also known for her philanthropic work is becoming a leading voice for the youth and the new generation of actors after she held a press conference to announce the release ‘Kadara’ a new movie she has produced.

At the press conference attended by Fred Amugi, Anthony Woode and other casts in the movie, Miss Sinare also pleaded with the government to turn to the needs of National Service personnel.

“My role Yasira, she’s a National Service personnel, and it made me research more about the service scheme. I put myself in their shoes and I want to tell them that we actually see what they are going through. I am hoping and praying the government does something about their payment,” she said.

In a video sited on zionfelixdotcom, Sinare emphasized that “a lot of parents have taken their wards to school hoping they start to bring something during their national service and it becomes a nightmare. I mean how much, see how the prices of everything have gone up, you can’t even spend GH20 a day“.

Habiba is out with a new movie titled ”Kadara” which is set to premiere on the 7th of May 2022 at the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall and West Hills Mall.

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