Yaa Jackson’s Boyfriend Finally Breaks Silence On Breakup Brouhaha

Yaa Jackson’s Boyfriend Finally Breaks Silence On Breakup Brouhaha

Ghanaian actress and singer, Yaa Jackson was in the headlines approximately two weeks ago after it was revealed that her attractive lover had finally ended their romantic relationship.

As we all know, Yaa Jackson used to post pictures of herself and her ex-boyfriend on the internet until things went bad.

One of Yaa Jackson’s pals, who was allegedly sleeping with the actress’ boyfriend, has been blamed for the breakup.

The accused lady has categorically denied ever sleeping with Yaa Jackson’s boyfriend, but there appears to be more to the story than we know.

Yaa Jackson has taken in parazone three times, according to the lady during an interview with Kwaku Manu, and this happens whenever Manuel threatens to quit the relationship.

In the middle of the uproar, Yaa Jackson’s ex-boyfriend Manuel agreed to an exclusive interview with Ghpage’s Rashad in order to clear his reputation of the heinous allegations.

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Manuel denied all allegations of cheating, as well as assertions that Yaa Jackson drank parazone during the first three quarters before calling a timeout.

During a phone conversation with Ghpage’s Rashad, Yaa Jackosn herself debunked rumors that she had consumed parazone on three separate occasions.