Will Smith’s “Deepest Desire” Is That The Emancipation Film Crew Won’t Face “Penalties” As A Result Of His Oscars Jab

Will Smith's "Deepest Desire" Is That The Emancipation Film Crew Won't Face "Penalties" As A Result Of His Oscars Jab

The Hollywood star said he hoped those working on his film wouldn’t suffer if fans weren’t “ready” for him to make a reappearance on the 2023 awards circuit.

Will Smith expressed his “deepest wish” that the team behind his new movie would not get “penalized” in the forthcoming awards season because of his infamous Oscars smack.

The Hollywood actor acknowledged that some people might not be “ready” for him to make a comeback at the 2023 awards season.

During the annual awards show in March, Smith stormed onto the stage and slapped host Chris Rock after the comedian made comments about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

He later expressed regret to Rock and the Academy, but for the next ten years he was personally barred from all Academy activities.

Emancipation is Smith’s first big-screen project since the incident.

Asked what he would say to those who thought it was “too soon” for him to be making a comeback, he told Washington DC’s Fox affiliate, Fox 5: “You know, I completely understand that if you know someone is not ready.

“I would absolutely respect that and allow them their space to not be ready.

“My team is my most pressing concern.”

“I sincerely hope that my actions don’t harm my team,” I said. “The people on this team have produced some of the best work of their entire careers.”

Smith continued by expressing his hope that “the tangible power of the picture” and “the timeliness of the story” will “open people’s hearts” and enable the effort put into the movie to be recognized.

The movie Emancipation is based on the historical account of “whipped Peter,” a slave who fled from a Louisiana plantation in the 1860s after being nearly killed by whipping.

The abolitionist movement received evidence of the brutality of American slavery in 1863 when images of his bare back, brutally scourged from the overseer’s whippings, were widely disseminated.

The movie will have its theatrical debut on December 2 and will go live on Apple TV+ on December 9.

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