Who Was Killed In The “Westworld” Season 4 Finale Killing Spree By The Man In Black? (Spoilers!)

Who Was Killed In The "Westworld" Season 4 Finale Killing Spree By The Man In Black? (Spoilers!)

In HBO’s science fiction series “Westworld,” Ed Harris’ Man in Black has always been a cold-blooded murderer.

However, the android host variation of William/Man in Black that first appeared in Season 4 developed to even greater depravity, reaching a climax in Sunday’s conclusion with a murdering spree. Major characters perished in the “Game of Thrones”-style finale massacre, one week after Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) and Bernard were killed off in episode 7. (Jeffrey Wright).

The violent mayhem was reminiscent of Yul Brynner’s Gunslinger android’s rampage in the original 1973 “Westworld” film.

“Finally, we reached the Yul Brynner character from the first film. 

The Man in Black is a host at last, and he is currently on a killing rampage “Lisa Joy, executive producer, adds. 

Even for a show that revolves around bringing humanoids to life, the “Westworld” losses were significant, she observes. 

There were numerous deaths, and there are numerous faces we won’t be seeing on “Westworld” in the future.

Who died in the season finale of “Westworld,” and what does that mean for the upcoming fifth season? The fifth season hasn’t been formally approved by HBO, but Joy refers to it as “the last chapter of this morality tale.”

The following is a list of the deceased:

** Lots of spoilers up coming! If you don’t want to know, this is your last opportunity to go.

Both Ed Harris and The Man in Black are dead.

In episode seven, William 2.0 murdered his imprisoned human counterpart and donned the Man in Black garb to live a life of wickedness. He slain the creator and leader of his hosts, Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), and unleashed chaos that resulted in senseless host and human combat.

The Man in Black thrived during the beginning of Sunday’s climax, when the streets were crowded with killings that resembled those in computer games.

Although the Man in Black was shot during their fight royale, she violently took out the “pearl” that gave him life and crushed it to dust with her hand. She then returned to achieve her ultimate revenge.

Even while it’s difficult to envision “Westworld” entering a fifth season without this crucial and complex foe, this death seems to be final.

Joy declares that “the figure has served its purpose,” but she does not completely rule out the possibility of the Man in Black making another appearance.

Hale changes in the Season 4 finale.

Disillusioned host Hale abandoned up her previous plans to rule a dominion after murdering the Man in Black and doing the right thing to prepare Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) for a potential new world.

Instead, the host made a deliberate effort to approach a river’s edge while revealing her artificial skeleton. She then took the “pearl” out of her own brain and smashed it with a steel hand. the self-destruction of androids.

Joy explains, “Hale picks the finale to her own tale and there’s a nobility to that. She’s completely at ease. “Although it’s difficult to say goodbye to beloved characters, the theme of this show is development. From being a person to a host, Hale has had the opportunity to rule.”

Stubbs is worn down.

The death of Stubbs was predicted by all-seeing Westworld creator Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) in earlier episodes, so we knew this was going to happen (Luke Hemsworth). Host Clementine shoots the former director of Westworld security, who has since become a faithful protector (Angela Sarafyan). Before going on to other things, Clementine slammed her head into some furniture and promptly knocked Stubbs’ eye out.

A main character dies an unjust death.

Clementine leaves on a high note.

Host Clementine faced a combative, independent demise after many iterations as someone else’s pawn, after briefly attempting to survive on her own in the chaotic new world order. She won the final struggle against former soldier Caleb (Aaron Paul), but Frankie (Aurora Perrineau), Caleb’s daughter, shot the host.

To be fair, Clementine should have killed Caleb instead of over-monologizing. However, according to Joy, “Clementine went out with some tremendous leg kicks and guns blazing.”

Caleb refused to leave land for the sea.

Caleb was eventually reunited with his grown daughter Frankie as an exact human replica host of his old self. But it was obvious that this reunion wouldn’t continue long as his body resisted playing host. As his health deteriorated, Caleb lingered on the dock to face death as his daughter bravely sailed away.

Caleb didn’t want his daughter to witness the degradation of the hosts around him, recalls Joy. He wished for his daughter to always think of him as her father.

Dolores is back for Season 5 of “Westworld” to bring the West back.

Dolores Abernathy, played by Wood, reappeared in the show’s original Western location in full prairie garb during the final moments of the finale. It establishes a Season 5 and a final opportunity to determine whether people and artificial intelligence can coexist in the environment where everything went horribly wrong in Season 1.

It makes logical to return to the West to explore where that world goes from there, according to the show’s subtitle, “Westworld,” adds Joy.

The finale of Joy’s program, which she co-created with executive producer (and husband) Jonathan Nolan, has always included this return of the West.

Joy predicts that there will be some stark contrasts. “We’ve been heading toward this plan to bring it home ever since. It will be an enjoyable season and a fitting end.”

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