Who Has The Industry Taken Care Of? - Kwesi Arthur Questions

Who Has The Industry Taken Care Of? – Kwesi Arthur Questions

Ghana musician Kwesi Arthur has questioned the Ghana Music Industry on what they appear to do for the creative minds under their umbrella.

Many people say that the Ghanaian music industry offers little to musicians, performers, actresses, and other creatives. The payment of royalties and other favourable incentives to Ghanaian artists has always been a challenge.

In an interview with Kwesi Arthur on Neat Fm today, the artist stated that he sees no industry in Ghana. ”Oh we, we no be industry like that”.

Establishing his point, Kwesi Artur said the industry is not doing its job as it is supposed to so artistes do their own try and errors to figure their way out.

”I feel like we say we have an industry right?, what is it?, like who is the industry taking care of? and who has the industry taken care of?.

”I feel like the community we dey try but there’s more we need to do to protect the us and the people involved in the ‘industry’. He said

He continued to say that though he don’t believe there’s an industry but he feels he has gotten some exposures through award schemes and other platforms but if there’s truly and industry then there’s more to be done.

”Well i can’t say i have not benefited from anything industry because i get awards, i’ve been given awards from VGMAs and i don’t know if VGMA is part of the industry but i feel like that gave me a certain kind of exposure and i can’t be ignorant like that. But i feel like if we get industry then more needs to be done”.

When he was asked his idea on how an industry should be like, the artist said, ”I feel like there should be room for who make the industry what it is, like artistes, and people involved in the creative art, i feel like we need to be protected, i feel like there should be a form of learning for us because at this point it’s like most of us we are just doing try and error or we are learning from where we find ourselves”.

Kwesi Arthur is currently promoting his just released studio album ”Son Of Jacob”.

Watch full interview below: