Wendy Shay Set To Release EP Titled ”Enigma”

Wendy Shay Set To Release EP Titled ''Enigma''
Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay is set to release her first EP titled ”Enigma” after almost four years of releasing bangers.

The music collection is titled “Enigma” by the Ghanaian singer. A simple definition of a “enigma” in any dictionary is “a person or thing that is enigmatic or difficult to understand.”

This could mean that Wendy Shay is about to share a story about how challenging it is for people to comprehend her unconventional brand.

The talented vocalist has been the center of attention and the subject of numerous scandals ever since she first gained notoriety in the music industry.

Well, it seems that the right time has come for her to use the medium for which she is best known—her voice and music—to partially explain herself to her fans and supporters.

A recent tease from Wendy Shay on her social media platforms had a lovely excerpt from the ”Enigma” project she was getting ready to share.

Since Wendy Shay merely flaunted her beauty in numerous shots and closed the video by saying the word “Enigma,” which happens to be the name of her next EP, many people were left wondering what she was about to do in the music industry.

The amount of songs in the “Enigma” EP is uncertain, but it is anticipated that it will include Wendy Shay’s mega smash song, “Survivor,” which she wrote following a recent rumored breakup.

According to information she posted on her social media platforms, the ”Enigma” EP will be sold and streamed starting on Friday, October 21, 2022, on all digital music outlets.

With a staggering 70 million streams across all digital platforms, Wendy Shay’s “Survivor” is currently at the top of charts all over the world.

It is anticipated that the upcoming “Enigma” EP would surpass the benchmark set by “Survivor,” smashing all previous records around the world.

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