'We Don'tValue Our own,' Reggie Says After A Documentary Acknowledges His Contribution To Hiplife

‘We Don’tValue Our own,’ Reggie Says After A Documentary Acknowledges His Contribution To Hiplife

Reggie Rockstone has stated that Ghanaians do not value their own accomplishments after a documentary recognized his Contribution To Hiplife.

He said this while commenting on an Afrobeats documentary by Nigerian filmmaker Ayo Shonaiya which recognized his Contribution To Hiplife. Since its premiere on Netflix, the documentary Afrobeats: The Backstory has elicited a variety of reactions.

According to Reggie, he produced a similar documentary on hiplife, but many broadcasting companies in the country refused to air it.

“Now that this new documentary {on Afrobeats} is out, people are saying I never did something like that. I did it 10 years ago, 10 years, and it is lying down. It is extensive. Everybody was featured in it, including Obrafour and co. So, this is why I tell you I feel disrespected. We don’t value our own. Listen, the documentary, I can say to you, is better than the one you watched.”

He also revealed that the documentary he produced was led by a New York professor who has written a book on the genre.

“My country I have approached so many times. I can’t even get it on TV3, so it is a good question you just asked. This documentary was shot by a professor from New York. It is extensive. You will see everybody in this documentary. It is called ‘Living The Hiplife’. Then he wrote a book. It is lying there right now. I have been talking about this, but nobody seems to care.”

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