Video: We Deserve Diplomatic Passports To Make Our Work Easier – Sarkodie

Video: We Deserve Diplomatic Passports To Make Our Work Easier - Sarkodie

Sarkodie has said he believes that granting African artists diplomatic passports will allow them to be more flexible in their job as ambassadors for their countries.

“We can move quickly and share light on our country,” the BET Awardee remarked if such an identity card is made widely “available” to musicians on the continent. It’ll be beneficial.”

Sarkodie made these remarks during a conversation before of Saturday’s Accra in Paris concert.

He went on to say that nothing should stand in the way of him and his colleagues telling the world about what their countries have to offer.

“We had a conversation and she was even talking about the fact that, we deserve to have diplomatic passports sometimes. …now I just want to move because I have been on the move as an ambassador for Ghana. So, I shouldn’t have to face any hustle to go spread my own country. It’s better I have an easy way to be able to move freely and be an ambassador to spread the word about Ghana.”

He also hopes that this problem would be resolved in the near future, allowing them to promote their countries on a global scale.

“That has been a hustle but hopefully one day we will get there so it can be easier for artistes in Africa.”

Usually, Government officials and their families are the ones being awarded diplomatic passports when they are sent abroad to attend congresses and conferences.

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