Video: Ghanaian Film Titled “Terminus”, Uncovers Pharmaceutical Business, Premiers On 7th Of January 2022

First time in history, Ghana’s thriller writer, film director and CEO of Cine-God Studios, Abu Iddris, dubbes films a health crime watch movie that seeks to create awareness about the doings and dangers of pharmaceutical products shipped from the western world to Africa and some other parts of the glob.

This fictional thriller movie is to educate and tell a story of leadership and leave a positive impact on the mentality of Ghanaians and the World about Ghana as a country.

Terminus showcases the ingenious ways by which women can showcase their skills, drive intellect and vision to disrupt the male-dominated industry. Terminus isdesigned to see women lead and tackle even more challenging events. It introduces to audiences, the first and independent Ghanaian female president whose government faces the toughest of test any nation can survive, a female director of operations at the organized crimes in Ghana.

It talks about a Ghanaian chemist in his bid to vindicate his company in a lawsuit against an allegation stumbles on something even more dangerous in the process. A hidden chemical formula in painkillers and antibiotics is altered for testing and profit gained by a pharmaceutical giant called ROMACEUTICAL.

This happens just at the time the government of Ghana is at war with illegally manufactured and imported medicines smuggled into the country. With the news out there in the world, the pharmaceutical gods and their partners all around the world led by a viciously known cartel called BADIBULLU, launched an operation to silence and contain the situation.

This led the Ghanaian government to evoke the best team of special force soldiers handpicked by the President herself to combat a formidable adversaries in the fight against the criminal organisations.

This development puts Ghana under the toughest of tests any nation could survive. But, the President of Ghana is the strongest the nation has ever had being a woman, backed by a determined team and cabinet. Meanwhile, the Badibullu cartel will do anything to stop Ghana from exposing a 2 billion dollar research finally ready to make profit after ten years of perfecting a secret formula.

Terminus features some of the best Ghanaian movie casts like Adjete Anan, Salma Mumin, Bervely Afaglo, Mr Otsiman, Lois Legend, Gabriel Mauricio,Manaf Yussif, Jeffrey Nortey and many others.

Production Team below:

Casting: Mkcasting and Mawu Kokuadzi

Writer/ Director/ Editor : The Cinegod

1st A.D : Martha Obodai

Production Manager: Myster Gabby

Sound Recordist: Soundbloc Gh

Script Supervisor: Jhessey J

Stunt and Action Design:  Lokhandaorg

Costume Design Manaf Yussif

Production Assistant : kekeli Wisdom

Production Assistant: Triple B Philmz

Make up Artist: Kisha

Makeup Assist: Kayneds Essentials

SFX Makeup: Kruz K

Post Production: Cinegod Studios, Sodoken Studio, Prokuts Studio

Practical FX:  Cinegod Practicals

Cinemagraphy: Obl Studios, Monato Media

Production Secretary: Nureinabaz

Producers: Mawuko Kuadzi, The Cinegod

Executive Producers: EfuahRimah GBrbaatimah

Movie premiers on the 7th of January 2022 at the Silverbird Cinemas. Red Carpet starts at 5:30pm, 7:30pm & 9:30pm at the West Hills Mall.

Buy your tickets at Ghc50 from the Cenimas above.

Watch Thriller below: