TT needed Support And Not Severe Criticisms - Master Richard

TT needed Support And Not Severe Criticisms – Master Richard

Mikki Osei Berko, widely known as Master Richard has said that Psalm Adjeteyfio, who he co-starred on the popular TV series, Taxi Driver, should have been supported instead of being constantly chastised.

Master Richard said the late actor was very dear to him. He pointed out that TT was a senior brother to him since they starred on Taxi Driver and long after that, even during the tough times of the veteran actor.

According to him, they shared conversations often.

“He explained to me his predicaments because he felt that I could understand where his faults are and what he is going through.”

He made these comments on TV3‘s Midday Live on Friday, April 8.

Psalm Adjeteyfio was found unconscious in his Ayikuma residence in the Shai Osudoku District and was pronounced dead on arrival when he was taken to the hospital.

Recently, he came under a barrage of criticisms as people had issues with how he expressed his predicaments consistently in the media.

However, Master Richard, who was never heard speaking ill of the late actor said he understood the sentiments TT was sharing.

“A bit of the time that he was bashed in the media, when I got the opportunity, I try to tell the people that the man is ill and needed support rather than the castigation and the bashing.”

Master Richard added that, the reason most veteran actors are without jobs is because of the dominance of telenovelas in the country.

“It comes back to the same media I keep talking about. I think that a lot of creative artistes are going through situations because the economy is not structured to help them make anything off their creativity and TT was an example.

“As I talk to you, there are no jobs for actors. Why? Because most of the TV stations are showing telenovelas.”