Top 10 most Grammy Awards winners of all time 2021

Top 10 most Grammy Awards winners of all time 2021

Throughout the history of the Grammy Awards, many significant records have been set. The prestige of one Grammy win can catapult an artist’s career to the next level, but there are some who have amassed numerous career Grammy wins.

The Grammy Awards are annually awarded by members of the United States National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences [NARAS] in recognition of excellence in the recording arts and sciences.

They are the equivalent of other annual prestigious awards in the American entertainment industry, such as the Academy Awards – OSCARS [for motion pictures], the Emmy Awards [for television], and the Tony Awards [for stage performance].

Here are the top 10 artists who have won the most Grammys in history.

RankNameNo. of Grammys
1.Georg Solti31
3.Quincy Jones28
4.Alison Krauss27
5.Pierre Boulez26
6.Chick Corea25
7.Vladimir Horowitz25
8.John Williams25
10.Vince Gill22
 12.Kanye West22
 13.Stevie Wonder22
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