Three Men Arrested In Connection To Mariah Carey’s Home Invasion

Three Men Arrested In Connection To Mariah Carey's Home Invasion

Several incidents in Atlanta, including Mariah Carey‘s home invasion, are said to have been committed by a group of guys who have since been captured.

Mariah Carey commends the law enforcement officials as a result for bringing justice.

24 year olds Jeremy Caldwell, Terryion Anderson, and Jalen Huff are all being detained in relation to the break-in at Mariah’s home.

The men were captured in Miami.

In the neighborhood, a succession of armed robberies, house invasions, and burglaries are attributed to the three guys.

Numerous illustrious homes reportedly came under attack during the house invasions.

Sadly, one of the incidences resulted in a person being hurt.

Mariah’s home was allegedly broken into on July 27 while she was away, according to those close to her.

She nonetheless expresses her gratitude for the investigators’ prompt arrival at the scene.

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