The Second Season Premiere Of The White Lotus Reveals Several Mysterious Deaths.
Connie Britton

The Second Season Premiere Of The White Lotus Reveals Several Mysterious Deaths.

The White Lotus, an HBO series, experienced “a few” unexpected deaths, according to the show’s season two debut on October 30. Choose the person you believe did not make it out of Sicily.

A few people have checked out of the White Lotus for good.

That’s right: The opening scene from the Oct. 30 season two premiere of HBO’s The White Lotus confirmed that multiple guests met their maker during their stay in paradise. However, a manager of the White Lotus resort is not among the dead this time. (A shout-out to Armond from season one.)

The episode began with special guest Daphne, played by Meghann Fahy of The Bold Type, telling some newcomers to White Lotus about her vacation. She laughed as she said, “You’re going to die.” They’ll have to haul you out of here, they say.

Daphne’s happiness was short-lived when she discovered an unidentified drowning victim during her last swim in the Ionian Sea. To make matters worse, an employee informed Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore), the manager of the Sicilian location, that “additional guests have been killed” as police started to investigate the incident.

Naturally, just as in season 1, we were left speculating as to who would be among the season two victims.

Although we are certain that Daphne survived the alleged killing spree, we are unsure of the fate of her affluent and haughty husband Cameron (Theo James). Given that Daphne went into the arms of a man who partially resembled her husband after discovering the dead body, we have a sneaking suspicion that Cameron will escape unhurt. Although it happened too quickly for confirmation, we believe we know what Theo James’ head looks like from the rear.

What about the other travelers on their trip? Harper and Ethan, the pessimistic pair, remain unannounced (Aubrey Plaza) (Will Sharpe).

We’re hoping Tanya McQuoid, played by Jennifer Coolidge, survived the trip unscathed. But was Tanya really so fortunate to escape two murders at the White Lotus resort? Time will only tell.

Additionally absent from the premiere are Tanya’s partner Greg (Jon Gries) and her helper Portia (Haley Lu Richardson).

Guest Dominic (Michael Imperioli) is probably going to be among the dead if we were betting. Dominic confirmed that his Lothario tendencies aren’t just reserved for Italian vacations when he had a very heated phone chat with his wife while also sneaking around behind his family’s back with a local sex worker.

Although it’s possible that Dominic’s father Bert (F. Murray Abraham) and son Albie (Adam DiMarco), who are all guests at the White Lotus, will walk by while Dominic is out mingling with the locals.

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