The French Ambassador Has Aided Our Creative Arts Business More Than State Officials – DKB

The French Ambassador Has Aided Our Creative Arts Business More Than State Officials - DKB

The contribution of the French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie (Akosua) Avè, according to Ghanaian comedian DKB, eclipses the efforts of those tasked with ensuring the sector thrives.

“The French ambassador has done more for our creative arts industry than the people being paid with our taxes to occupy that position,” he wrote in a tweet on Sunday, April 24.

Despite the fact that the state authorities guaranteed that all necessary documentation was provided for the event to take place, he believes that their lack of support for the creative arts cannot be overlooked.

“Forget them defending by saying they gave documents to support, is it the supporting documents that released a budget to organize it? Big shame.”

His remarks follow the inaugural edition of the Accra In Paris event, which took place over the weekend. Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, KwabenaKwabena, Fameye, and a slew of other Ghanaian and French musicians and celebrities performed at the performance.

Miss Ave championed the event, describing it as a “revolutionary structure that stands to produce great benefits for both countries and their people” prior to the event.

MsAvè stated at an event in Accra on Wednesday, April 20, that her organization is poised to empower Ghanaian youth to build Ghanaian culture by providing opportunities for them to showcase their abilities to the rest of the world.

“I am creating beneficial avenues for people in the creative space, humanitarians, socioeconomic Patriots to better instigate their creative pieces so that they can carry it forward for a sustainable progression.

“These, in turn, will drastically reduce poverty, dependency on government for employment, redundancy, wastage of creative talents, and in as much help curb social vices.”

MsAvè has been the French Ambassador to Ghana for the past four years.