Taylor Swift's Anti-Hero Video Modified To Remove The Term "Fat"

Taylor Swift’s ”Anti-Hero” Video Modified To Remove The Term “Fat”

The action was taken in response to criticism that one sequence in the Anti-Hero music video was “fatphobic.”

In one of Taylor Swift’s music videos, the term “fat” has been changed.

The pop artist was shown going onto bathroom scales in the song’s original video before the word was revealed by the spinning dial.

Swift only receives a disapproving glance from a doppelganger who is standing to one side in the upgraded versions that are available on YouTube and Apple Music.

The sequence was changed as a result of criticism from some fans and public figures who claimed it promoted “fatphobia.”

“By having the word ‘fat’ show on the scale, she made a choice to explicitly define her demon, the fear of being branded fat, which is fatphobia in its most literal meaning,” wrote Catherine Mhloyi for Teen Vogue.

Shira Rose, a US eating disorder therapist, said: “It’s not necessary to remind fat people that it is everyone’s worst nightmare to look like us.

“A person’s eating condition does not justify their fatphobia.

“I’m battling with my body image today,” rather than “I’m a fat, nasty pig,” is not difficult to say.

However, Whoopi Goldberg stated on her panel show The View that not everyone was in agreement: “Just let her feel what she feels. Don’t listen to the song if you don’t like it.”

The music video, which Swift composed and directed, is said to show her “nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts playing out in real-time.”

Swift admitted to having an eating disorder in the early 2020s and that she occasionally “starved” herself if she felt her stomach was too big.

She admitted to Variety magazine that she had stopped eating as a result of a headline that said she appeared pregnant.

The song “Anti-Hero” is from Taylor Swift‘s most recent album Midnights, which this week broke the Spotify record for most albums streamed in a single day.

Her description of the CD includes the phrases “a trip through terrors and pleasant dreams” and “13 restless nights strewn throughout my life.”

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