Taxes Find Ways To Make Politicians Rich In Africa - Kwabena Kwabena's On E-Levy Brouhaha

Taxes Find Ways To Make Politicians Rich In Africa – Kwabena Kwabena’s On E-Levy Brouhaha

Ghanaian veteran highlife musician, Kwabena Kwabena has said the problem Africa has is the way politicians enrich themselves with tax payers money. He said in other part of the world, tax is what the country is built on but in Africa the case is different.

He said this on Accra based Kingdom Plus Fm when the host, Fiifi Pratt asked him his take on the newly introduced E-levy by the current government.

”Every country needs development, but the only problem with all these things is as to if the politicians will always be truthful with the public purse, that is the only problem.

”Out there in the Europe and others, we have a lot of taxes, taxes is what they use to build their nation, but in Africa the only challenge is, the taxes find ways to make other politicians rich. That has been the only problem with Africa and taxes”, he said.

He then said if the taxes are being used to build infrastructures and other needful things for the nation, he think there will be joy in paying the taxes.

”But then if an African is paying his taxes and he sees so visible that the roads are being built, factories are being built and the hospitals and schools are being built, there will be joy”, Kwabena Kwabena added.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile the government of Ghana is set to redraw E-levy bill from parliament and relay later.