Sylvester Stallone Discusses Arnold Schwarzenegger; His reality Show About His Family, And His Growth "Jacuzzi List"

Sylvester Stallone Discusses Arnold Schwarzenegger; His reality Show About His Family, And His Growth “Jacuzzi List”

Sylvester Stallone, the star of Rocky, has been acting for a while, but in the upcoming Paramount+ thriller Tulsa King, he will play a mafia boss in his first television role.

Sylvester Stallone has landed his first scripted TV role with the new series Tulsa King, capping off a career spanning more than five decades.

The actor admitted it was an occasionally difficult job and said he definitely found it different from making movies.

Stallone quipped, “I’ve been around for centuries, in fact, Julius Caesar was my first director”.

“No, I mean over the course of the season, so can you manage 400 pages of dialogue?” No cards to act as cues? And while that presents a significant challenge, I also find it to be energizing when accomplished.

The absence of life is the toughest thing, you see what I mean? I now feel sorry for actors who work in streaming because I recently purchased a motor home and haven’t had a chance to watch it.

When the 76-year-old gained notoriety as Rocky Balboa in the 1976 boxing movie of the same name, he had already been working for years. This marked the beginning of a series that is still going strong today, with Creed 3 set to arrive in March of the following year.

He claims that his approach, which also resulted in his public battle with fellow action star Arnold Schwarzenegger that eventually turned into friendship, is the key to his longevity in the industry.

I’m not sure if it’s a kind of attitude toward life in general and the belief that “this can’t be it, there’s always got to be something more around the corner,” or if it’s simply because I detest the word “no,” according to Stallone.

“I would say that I’m just built for challenges, so whenever someone says, “Hey, I’m the hardest working actor,” I respond, “No, you’re not.”

“We made ourselves into two great teams [who] hated each other, just like I did with Arnold. You play better when you have that kind of [butts his hands together], it just taps into something, so I literally manifested our animosity.

”But the primary driver, in my opinion, is to leave the house because, with three daughters and three female dogs, I’m effectively helpless”.

The actor’s next TV endeavor, a reality show, is likewise inspired by his family.

For the sake of history, according to Stallone, he wanted to do it.

He admitted, “I’m doing a reality program because my life is odd.

“I have a wife, pets, and kids, and you know what, I think? Let me also do it. It kind of seems like a walk down memory lane.

“You’re going to show them your home movies, right? the kids can recall? I’d like to do something similar, not for the money, but rather for my memories.

You could assume that now that Stallone has conquered Hollywood and is focusing on TV, he is likely ready to think about retiring.

Instead, he claims that he has a long list of other things to do.

“Well, it’s actually a bathtub list, it’s growing, and it’s not even a bucket – that’s well, well gone,” the speaker said.

Yes, we are interested in this jacuzzi list.

His role in the movie Tulsa King is a mafia boss transported to Tulsa, not a city that is typically associated with organized crime.

It’s a classic tale of a fish out of the water, yet while Stallone’s character may be outside it, it feels like he is when he is working.

On Monday, Tulsa King premieres on Paramount+.

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