Stonebwoy Settling Tinny’s Debt On Air Was A Disrespect To His Brand – Ball J

Stonebwoy Settling Tinny's Debt On Air Was A Disrespect To His Brand - Ball J

Ghanaian Legend, Tinny was unhappy with Afrodancehall god, Stonebwoy for settling his allege debt on live radio.

It became a talk of town few weeks ago that Tinny was owing an undergrown artist a sum of Ghc2,000. It was alleged that the supposed sum of money was given to Tinny for a performance of which he didn’t show up.

Stonebwoy on the other hand bumped into the conversation on Hitz fm and he settled the debt.

Tinny vented his annoyance with a coworker on Okay FM for paying money to an underground who claimed Tinny was his owner without first calling to confirm the man’s claim.

Commenting on the issue on Neat Fm, Ball J said he thinks Stonebwoy did the right thing at the wrong time. He said he could have waited and pay the money off air because Tinny is not a brand that can be dragged in the mud.

”So when someone calls on radio station to be matured, this is the whole fact that Tinny is owing me, one, it is a defamation. The debt Tinny is owing and the work of Tinny is 100 billion times that debt so you can’t come and bring someone’s name down because of the little money he’s owing you. The only way you can work in the right way is to deal with the police.

”So when watching i saw Stonebwoy comes inside and they told Stonebwoy the thing and he said he will pay, from Stonebwoy’s mind he was showing love and Stonebwoy is perfectly right for saying i will pay, for money it’s there because Stonebwoy is marketing his music so he has more money, Tinny is relaxed, he’s not activating his music so it makes sense that Stonebwoy is more of noquative in music, am saying music because i don’t know the kind of business Tinny is doing. So now if he says he will pay he’s right but Stonebwoy, he showed love oo but you have to understand that you are not paying for underground artist or an unknown person, this is Tinny of the last 2, Hammer, so Stonebwoy should have been sharp and say this is on air, let me just be quite then after on air i settle the guy. This is the reason why Tinny is pissed off because his brand is not Ghc2,000” he said.

He continued to site an example that if it where stonebwoy he would be pissed off.

”I will put this to stonebwoy, what if it was another station and stonebwoy is dealing with maybe estate developers and then Burna boy is in the studio and someone calls, stonebwoy is owing me 1million dollar or something then Burna boy says i will pay, stonebwoy will be pissed off because stonebwoy is stonebwoy so helping someone doesn’t always mean you are helping him, helping him will tarnish his name as well,” Ball J added.

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