Stephanie Benson Hospitalized Over ‘Surgical errors’

Stephanie Benson Hospitalized Over 'Surgical errors'

Stephanie Benson has been admitted to the hospital due to ‘surgical errors.’

The Ghanaian singer’s husband confirmed the tragic news. Mr. Jon shared something on his wife’s social media accounts.

Hi, This is Jon. Typing message for Stephanie. “Sorry I haven’t been on line. A routine op turned bad,” he wrote.

He went on to describe his wife’s condition, saying, “unfortunately doctors make surgical errors, we have to live with them so still in hospital. Sending you Soo much love“.

He added in another tweet that, “from me Jon, We are taking good care of her she will be back to her usual troublesome self soon“.

Stephanie Benson’s surgery is unknown because it has not been disclosed. However, some of the Ghanaian singer’s fans have been sending her messages of goodwill.

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