Someone Advised Us To Check The Shrine – Asamoah Gyan Reveals Surprising Details About His Search For Castro

Someone Advised Us To Check The Shrine – Asamoah Gyan Reveals Surprising Details About His Search For Castro

In his recently released book, Ghanaian football legend Asamoah Gyan reveals how he visited the oracles in search of his buddy Castro, who drowned in Ada during a vacation binge in 2014.

Castro, a noted musician, is said to have perished while attempting to save a woman during a boat tour on the Ada River estuary.

However, Asamoah Gyan said in his book ‘LeGyandary,’ which sheds light on his life, that he went to a shrine in search of Castro and a woman named Janet Bandu, with whom they had traveled to Ada.

In the book, he describes how a guy from the town appeared when he was stumped and had exhausted all of his search options.

According to Asamoah Gyan, the gentleman advised Ada’s oracles, who specialized in finding those who went missing while swimming in the estuary.

“He said the oracle was very powerful and such matters can be easily handled by it. Though I wasn’t very superstitious, I felt obliged to go along since we were in a fix.

“What else could we do? I was a little scared of the ensuing encounter with a priest, so I declined to join them at the shrine. I had a little money on me, so I decided to return to the hotel and gather some money in case we had to make payments later on,” the book read.

He described his issue in the book, and wondered if contacting the oracle may assist.

According to him, the priest demanded a bottle of schnapps as well as Ghc100, which he reluctantly paid.

He stated he arrived in Ada town later that day to rousing applause from the locals, who were awestruck and overjoyed to see him because his career with the national team had reached its pinnacle.

As a result, Asamoah Gyan grinned at the roaring audience, indicating that he needed to create a positive impression.

He stated that he was not enjoying the applause of the crowd and that he had to put on a brave front while grieving within.

“The journey to the shrine was a blend of different emotions. On arrival, we were made to take off our shoes and offered seats. I wondered if the priest would recognize me. I chuckled to myself. Do the gods also watch football? At least I could steal a moment’s joy in all this turmoil.

“The Adas speak a native language called Dangme. The priest spoke the language and since we didn’t comprehend, we had someone to interpret for us. He inquired if the lost person was of high refute,” he further narrated in the book.

Asamoah Gyan stated that the priest’s inquiry instilled trust in him because his assumption was correct, if outrageously executed.

“How could he guess wildly and still had it right? Unless of course, there was a supernatural presence telling things in the unknown. We answered in the affirmative and he gave us a wry smile,” he wrote.

The story is told in the novel ‘Legyandary.’

The highly anticipated book on the ex-career footballer’s was released on April 30, 2022, at the opulent Kempinski hotels in Accra.

Theophilus Tagoe (born 1 May 1982, disappeared 6 July 2014), popularly known as Castro or Castro Under Fire, was a Ghanaian hiplife recording artist and musician.

He was born in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana in 1982 to Lydia Tagoe (a trader) and a Mr. Cofie (an accountant). He had his primary and Junior high education at the All Saints Anglican Primary School in Takoradi. He started singing as early as age 10 and entered the musical scene with his 2003 hit song “Sradenam”.

He had features on the hip-life group 4×4 hit track, “Sikletele,” which officially introduced him to the local music scene before he launched his debut album in 2003.”Sradinam” soon became one of many Ghanaians’ favorite hits.

Castro’s dream was to retire and become a producer. His dream was to help bring to the limelight talented unknown young artist. He believes that this will develop the young talented artist and groom them for the market by becoming a producer.

Castro was a friend of Ghana national football team’s captain, Asamoah Gyan. The duo recorded three albums together. “African Girls” was another hit of theirs.

On 6 July 2014, Castro and Miss Janet Bandu were reported to have drowned following a jet ski accident in Ada Estuary while on holiday with the Gyan brothers. The jet ski involved in the accident was recovered on the same day of their disappearance but their bodies had not been recovered, despite a search by the police. Little is known of his disappearance.

Recounting events surrounding Castro’s disappearance, Gyan said: “That was the first time they went to Aqua Safari and that in the previous years, they went to Akosombo. That particular year, the yacht at Akosombo was broken down so they decided to go to Ada.

Before going to Ada, they called to find out if they could get a bigger yacht because, their friends always organised to bring their lady friends so as to make the party fun, so they were told they could get two yachts at Ada.

Castro called me a week before I returned to Ghana and said he may not be able to go with us since a friend of his was bereaved, and he had to attend the funeral in Kumasi. A day before we went to Ada, he [Castro] came to my house and said he was on his way to Kumasi and would not join us. But whilst we were on our way to Ada, on the Accra-Tema motorway, we received a phone call that “Under” [Castro] wants us to wait for him.

We parked at a fuel filling station where a crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of me. I later got the inclination it was destined to happen because he was initially not part of the trip. When we got to Ada, everything went fine. We were to spend three days. We started using the Jet Ski on the second day.

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