Smoking And Drinking Alcohol Doesn’t Take You To Hell – Pastor Majid Michel Reveals

Smoking And Drinking Alcohol Doesn't Take You To Hell - Pastor Majid Michel Reveals

Ghanaian born actor turned Pastor, Majid Michel has said that, smoking and drinking alcohol will not prevent anyone from going to heaving.

On Accra Fm today, Pastor Majid told the host, Nana Romeo that when someone smokes or drink, it doesn’t take the person to hell but instead the person smells like he have been to hell.

”Let me clarify this, when you smoke, doesn’t take you to hell, you smell like you’ve been to hell but those who smoke are not going to go to hell. Those who buss are not going to go to hell and that is not a testimony for a born again”, he said.

He continued to say that, the end of the world in dependent on who preaches the Gospel.

”That is why he has giving us a commission, that go he into all the world and preach the Gospel. That if you don’t do that the end of the world will not come.

The end of the world is dependent on you preaching the Gospel till it has become a testimony to all the nations that this is the truth, that this Gospel is the truth”, Majid added.

He the continued to give some revelations about the bible and the end of the world.

Watch full interview below:

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