Shatta Wale Exhibited Emotional Intelligence In The Wiyaala Citation Saga – Arnold Baidoo

Shatta Wale Exhibited Emotional Intelligence In The Wiyaala Citation Saga - Arnold Baidoo

Entertainment pundit and journalist Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has applauded the dancehall artist Shatta Wale over his reaction to the Wiyaala citation saga.

It would be recalled that female artist Wiyaala called out dancehall artist Shatta Wale and his team over a citation she was supposed to receive after she performed at an event in the UK.

In a video that Wiyaala posted, she admitted that she left when the backstage organizers attempted to present her with a citation of merit from Vanessa L. Gibson, the president of the Bronx Borough. In a video, Wiyaala said she felt mistreated and left because of it.

Shatta Wale reached out to the artist after she expressed her disgust with the situation and extended an unequivocal apologies, calling the behavior “wrong.”

“He [Shatta Wale] said he’s sorry that it has happened like that. He was not aware of what was happening. If he had known, I’m sure he would have done something about it. He said he’ll not in any way try to disrespect my craft because he also respects what I do and he sees me as a strong, artistic person with a beautiful craft that he likes and respects,” Wiyaala told her followers.

Arnold Asamoah praised Shatta Wale for handling the situation maturely in response to his responses.

“The little I will tell Wiyaala and her likes is that when issues come up, they should be patient. As you know, social media has its gains but one thing (lost) in artistry is that artists don’t communicate anymore, social media is the easiest resort.

“Social media has made it hard for them to
communicate, if Wiyaala was a bit patient and had reached out because they were all in the same precinct, she could have called for clarifications, it is her lack of patience that triggered all of this.

“But I will applaud Shatta Wale for the
emotional intelligence he displayed, for me, it is a big plus” he stated, adding thus: “I praise him because the Shatta Wale we know could have also gone berserk…”

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