Section Of The Media Pundits Have Not Been Fair To Black Sherif – Ola Michael

Section Of The Media Pundits Have Not Been Fair To Black Sherif - Ola Michael

Movie producer and entertainment show host, Ola Kwaku Michael has said part of the entertainment pundits is taking sides concerning the issue between Black Sherif and his investor(Manager), Wayne Chavis Consult.

The past weeks has been all about Black Sherif and his investor, Wayne Chavis Consult.

Dj Slim on his show on ABN Radio1 allegedly accused Black Sherif of being ungrateful to Wayne Chavis Consult. He said the artist had went behind his management to sign a contract with Empire and that sparked a lot of conversations on the airwaves.

Most entertainment pundits has been bashing the musician and others are also calling put the frontline media personalities to blacklist him.

Ola Michael on his Facebook page stated that most of the pundits has not been fair on their commentaries about the whole issue.

“I think a section of the media pundits have not been fair in the issue of Black Sherif and his manager. Let’s get the contracts to read and make fair judgment and not to be prejudicial as seem to be what is happening,” Ola said.

He continued to urge everybody to get both contracts to read before they pass comments on the issue.

“Please let’s get the contract, not just the empire contract but the supposed label or management contract. Forget about the errors and point out what, based solely on the contract, the label intended to do for the artist apart what the label intend to gain from the artist. I am not holding brief for anyone but I think something is wrong somewhere apart from the fact that the artist should have sought guidance before signing that cutthroat contract.

“The contract from the embittered manager didn’t seem to debar the artist from signing any sort of distribution deal but to see guidance and representation from the manager in so doing. So many questions. So get copies and read and make fair judgment,” he added.

“What if the artist never signed any such contract but someone has been mischievous enough to get his signature on a document?” Ola asked.

Meanwhile, Black Sherif’s day one manager, Madonna on Hitz Fm made it clear that Wayne Chavis Consult has not invested in any of their projects. They only offered accommodation and transportation for the past months they have been with them.

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