"Sarkodie is stingy" Yvonne Nelson Recounts

“Sarkodie is stingy” Yvonne Nelson Recounts

Ghanaian actress and film producer, Yvonne Nelson, has said Sarkodie is stingy because he refused to do her a favor.

The actress, who is on a radio tour to promote her upcoming film ‘Fifty Fifty,’ called into Asaase radio to speak with actor Majid Michel made that revelation about Sarkodie.

She revealed in an interview with Asaase Radio that rapper Sarkodie has promised to attend the premiere.

This was revealed when the Sarkodie joined Yvonne’s Twitter Spaces, where they discussed the upcoming film.

When asked if Sarkodie would be performing at the premiere when he arrives, Yvonne quickly replied, “No.”

Her explanation for Sarkodie’s refusal to perform at her premiere was that the rapper is stingy because he refused to do a freestyle when asked during the Twitter Space.

This is to say that when it comes to his craft, Sarkodie rarely does things for free.

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Meanwhile, the actress has stated that she has given up fighting for the film industry.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, she urged her colleagues to fight for a more vibrant film industry by putting in the effort.

“I’ve given up on fighting for the industry.”
What options do I have?
I’m just getting on with my business and making movies.
I believe that as producers, we should put in the effort, and I am doing so.
“The rest is up to them.”

She, on the other hand, believes that most people in the film industry talk too much and do not act.

“I believe we talk too much and do not act.”
I’m putting in action and producing movies; I’m getting busy, and I know my other colleagues who are working on my films are too.
“All we need is a thriving industry,” she explained.

Because there is no government support for the industry, the producer of ‘Men We Love’ is rallying for other actors like herself to get into film production.

This, she believes, is the only way the industry can survive.

“There has been too much talk, so we are now doing the work ourselves.”

Yvonne Nelson’s latest film, ‘Fifty Fifty,’ will be released on May 21.

The film stars renowned Ghanaian actors and politicians such as John Dumelo, Majid Michel Anthony Wood, Jackline Mensah, and others.