Rappers Find It Tough To Collaborate Because Of Unneeded Comparisons – Eno Barony

Rappers Find It Tough To Collaborate Because Of Unneeded Comparisons - Eno Barony

Eno Barony has lamented the fact that the music industry’s comparison culture, particularly among rappers, makes it difficult and challenging for two rappers to collaborate.

Eno Barony, probably Ghana’s best female rapper, has stated that the rap terrine is loaded with pointless comparisons.
She claims that music lovers and fans are mostly responsible for this feature, which makes it difficult for rappers to collaborate on tracks.

Eno, the Best Rap Performance winner at the 2021 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), said this during an interview with Kastle Drive, which was monitored by MyNewsGh.com.

People often pit her bars against those of other rappers with whom she collaborates on songs, which she claims is unhealthy because egos and self-esteem can be slashed along the way.

“I haven’t featured a lot of rappers because a lot of rappers, especially me being a girl, are hesitant to promote their co-rappers,” she explained.

She stated that the situation is not the same for vocalists as it is for rappers.
Two vocalists are never set against each other and have their verses or vocals marked by people, according to Eno, but when it comes to rap music, the comparison culture emerges.

In defending herself, she stated:

“When it comes to rap, there is frequently a comparison, yet two singers can easily include themselves on a song without being compared.”

“No one minds, they just jam to it,” she stated on Kastle FM in Cape Coast. “However, when two rappers are on a project, people tend to just compare the words and whatnot.”

“It’s like you guys laying down your life, you may be slain at any minute, but this is a partnership, not a combat,” Eno Barony explained to the host.

Rapper fans like bragging rights, especially when it comes to poetry in the ‘rap music’ realm.
As a result, it’s not unexpected that Eno Barony brings this up.

Some rappers, on the other hand, are so confident in their lyrical abilities that they’ve boasted about being a greater rapper than others in the game, despite the fact that fans of other rappers disagree.