Pride And Ego Will Kill Your Career – Ayisha Modi Blast Stonebwoy

Pride And Ego Will Kill Your Career - Ayisha Modi Blast Stonebwoy

Ayisha Modi and Stonebwoy are currently engaged in an argument over the musician’s Accra FM interview with Nana Romeo. Ayisha Modi has said pride ego will be the cause of Stonebwoy’s downfall if care is not taken.

Stonebwoy vehemently denied the ludicrous allegations that he and Ayisha Modi split up amicably in response to them.

He continued by saying he had no ill will toward Ayisha Modi but that, as we all know, there are those who would use the internet to impersonate others in order to obtain acceptance from the general public.

For example, Stonebwy indicated that Ayisha Modi wasn’t her manager or the person who launched his career, as she has always stated.

In responds to that, Ayisha Modi took to her Instagram page to express her displeasure on what Stonebwoy said.

”If I don’t want to explain myself doesn’t mean you can talk anyhow, anywere ooo masa. The world saw my contribution to your label and brand. Talking as if I was using you for hype😝😝😝. I was in the game before u came and if u are big , u are Nat bigger than my ex husband Ofori Amponsah in anyways yea. Stop being ungrateful and be real for once cos the internet never forgets. Everything that happened was recorded on my phone and if I wasn’t that important to ur brand u will’nt call back asking me to forgive you for what u said, it’s also recorded so for peace to rain lemme just sleep were Am sleeping 😴 and if u don’t have anything better to say don’t talk at all. I was there when u needed me. Never did I take even 1gh from ur brand but i rather invested my money, time, wisdom and energy to ur brand . Kindly hash pls don’t let us do this biko. I made a vow not to talk or bring out recording of what really happened so pls let respect ourselves. Thank you and this is to whom it may concern. STOP PISSING ME OFF I BEG. Don’t allow ur EGO take you away from urself and this is has been ur biggest problem in ur career and that will be ur downfall if care is not taken. Gratefulness Is The Key To Greatness , and am giving you this advice cos I still Love u as my own nothing has changed but u really need to learn how to be grateful to ppl who comes ur way and supports u freely with good heart and Mind 🙏🙏🙏❤️” Ayisha stated in her post.

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Meanwhile, Stonebwoy is on a radio tour promoting his ”Ashiaman To Da World” Concert which will commence on the 3th of this month.

Watch Stonebwoy’s interview below:

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