Price Of Kumasi Mansion Equals Rent In Accra; Tom D'Frick Silences Y Pee and Oseikrom Sikani

Price Of Kumasi Mansion Equals Rent In Accra; Tom D’Frick Silences Y Pee and Oseikrom Sikani

Tom D’Frick stated in an exclusive interview with that no young musician in Ghana should be compared to him when it comes to the “Livin La Vida Loca” lifestyle. Tom recently flaunted his Diamond Cartier timepiece, which reportedly costs $58,000.

Tom D’Frick claimed he doesn’t respond to diss records because he only kills people who pursue him with his lifestyle when speaking about the rap beefs in Ghana.

Tom enquired as to whether this meant he could compete against Y Pee and Oseikrom Sikani, who also boasts of his wealth, and said, “Are you talking about the Kumasi boys?”

He went on, “Oseikrom and Ypee? Lifestyle does not involve talking, for one thing. You must exhibit your work. How can they murder me with the lifestyle when the Range Rover they are driving isn’t even close to the price of my watch?

Tom D’Frick asserts that young artists who assert they are wealthy must provide tangible proof. It’s not about you showing up to spread the word that you are wealthy and possess something. Let folks see your possessions. They are merely conversing “said he.

He was asked if he had seen their pricey cars and homes “Those cars? which residences Some of the people who are raising noise even have houses in Accra that they claim to have rented. Yes, because Kumasi has a significantly poorer level of life than Accra’s neighborhoods near East Legon, Trassaco, and other areas. As a result, the price of their homes is comparable to Accra rent.

To be clear, Tom D’Frick says, “I’m not disparaging anyone. In Kumasi, I have buddies who are huge males. They are silent despite having the genuine money. Nobody can match the Stubborn Academicians in terms of lifestyle. I’m referring to Medikal, Shatta Wale, and myself. We are the only performing artists you see wearing real diamonds, he said.

The Stubborn Academy record label, run by Medikal and Shatta Wale, has signed Tom D’Frick. Speaking highly of his label mates, he claimed that no musician in Ghana could match them in terms of leading a wealthy lifestyle that wasn’t a lie.

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