Premier Dj Awards Unveils Official Plaque

Premier Dj Awards Unveils Official Plaque

Premier Dj Awards is an eminent, innovative and distinct award to empower Hard-working DJs with the aim to recognize the contributions of DJs and honor them professionally.

They have influenced music culture, making impact in their own way in the entertainment sector both locally and Internationally, through radio DJing, club DJing and mobile DJing etc.


The Premier Dj Awards platform will help give support to DJs playing great roles in promotion, distribution, development, advancement, positive impacts and change putting musicians,  music and listeners(fans) in the art industry on different phase. Vision, dreams, goals and plans are made and set for a total turn around and improvement in that sector, PREMIER DJ AWARDS has a lot in store for all and sundry.

DJs are paramount in events and entertainment. The award is based on support, brilliance, impact, intelligence, creativity, skill and innovation of DJs in elevation of talents, entertainment across and beyond. The award event is not to only award DJs , but to also create an avenue to push DJs. Help ameliorate and eradicate problems DJs face systematically to upgrade their outputs.

Premier Dj Awards is the first of it’s kind, the award is of a different phase for DJs, DJing and evolvement with outstanding Incentives, purpose and vision. DJs play a major role in talents discovery, they are also one of the strong pillars of music promotion as well as musical talents projection.

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