Police Have Released Videos In Connection With The Investigation Into The Shooting On The Set Of The Baldwin Film

Police Have Released Videos In Connection With The Investigation Into The Shooting On The Set Of The Baldwin Film

Law enforcement officials have disclosed a plethora of video and picture evidence in the investigation of actor and producer Alec Baldwin‘s deadly shooting of a cameraman on the set of a Western film in October.

NEW MEXICO CITY — In the ongoing investigation into actor and producer Alec Baldwin’s deadly shooting of a cinematographer on the set of a Western film in October, law enforcement officials disclosed a plethora of video evidence Monday.

Lapel camera recordings made by a commanding officer as he arrives at a film-set ranch where medics are caring to the wounded, with an evacuation chopper buzzing overhead, are among the data files given by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office. The armorer for the movie production breaks down in tears while searching for the gun.

Other videos show investigators debriefing Baldwin within hours of the fatal shot, chatting with him inside a small office — and rehearsal clips showing Baldwin in costume practicing a quick-draw gun maneuver.

Sheriff Adan Mendoza of Santa Fe County said in a statement that his agency’s investigation is still open and ongoing as the FBI’s ballistics and forensic analysis, as well as fingerprint and DNA examinations, are awaited.

“The sheriff’s office is releasing all files associated with our ongoing investigation,” he said in the statement. Those files also include photos of ammunition from the set and examination reports.

On Oct. 21, 2021, Baldwin was pointing a gun at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins at a ranch on the outskirts of Santa Fe when it went off, killing Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. During the setup for filming a scene, they were inside a little church.

Baldwin makes a few anxious calls in a video taken by police later that day as he waits for a meeting with law enforcement officials.

“You have no idea how unbelievable this is and how strange this is,” he says over the phone.

Under questioning from two detectives, Baldwin pieced together what transpired as the gun went off, seemingly uninformed that Hutchins would die and surprised to hear that he was holding a gun filled with live bullets. For a rehearsal with no filming, Baldwin claims the gun should have been empty.

“I take the gun out slowly. I turn, I cock the pistol,” Baldwin says. “Bang, it goes off. She (Hutchins) hits the ground. She goes down. He (Souza) goes down screaming.”

Souza described his encounter with investigators in a hospital emergency room, where he was treated for a bullet wound and questioned.

“There was a pretty loud blast, and then it felt like someone kicked me in the shoulder,” Souza explained.” He was aware that Hutchins had been injured as well, and he inquired as to her condition.

Baldwin repeatedly claims in the Oct. 21 video that there were no previous issues with firearms on the set of “Rust.””

State occupational safety officials slapped the highest possible fine of roughly $137,000 on the “Rust” film production business last week, contradicting such statements.

Rust Movie Productions was fined $136,793 by New Mexico’s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau, which also distributed a scathing narrative of safety failures in violation of industry standards, including testimony that production managers took limited or no action to address two misfires on set prior to the fatal shooting.

The agency also found that crew members’ gun safety issues went unheeded, and that weapons specialists were not authorized to decide on extra safety training. Rust Movie Productions has stated that the findings and penalties would be challenged.

Baldwin told ABC News in December that he was on set aiming the gun at Hutchins at her request when it went off without him pushing the trigger.

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