Philip NeeWhang drops Divinity EP

Talented Musical Artist Philip NeeWhang has released his first ever EP titled Divinity. The EP Album comprising 4 new tracks touches on diverse topics regarding the Divine and humans.

The Divinity EP ultimately acts as a mouthpiece with two perspectives – Humans and God(s) as the artist puts it – highlighting other topics such as recognition of the self, acknowledgement of human limitations, finding fulfillment and purpose from within while celebrating the concept of the afterlife.

As described by the artist; the album transcends energies into uplifting and giving a person a reason to be worthy of the self, a warm perspective on life, the solemnness of living and the space provided by Divinity.

The tracks on the EP are “An Angel”, “A Human”, “The Void” and “The Heavens”, each with a peculiar perspective on the Divinity theme it employed. The genre of the EP is largely in Pop, but blends in elements of Afrobeat – although the last track on the EP has been engulfed in Amapiana – the entire four tracks blends in creatively, making this album one of wonder and interest.

Song distributed by Apprise Music.

Stream below: