Abena Korkor Explains Why She Leaked Her Naked Video

Nitizens In Shock As Abena Korkor Drops Her Naked Video

Abena Korkor has reclaimed social media trends this morning, only minutes after posting a photo of her own coochie on her Instagram profile.

In the middle of the reaction, the mental health advocate has hit back at detractors by posting her own nude video on the internet.

It appears that the famed Abena Korkor Addo is experiencing another relapse, necessitating the need to attract attention in every way possible.

This is heartbreakingly humiliating.
People have had enough of her!

This time, Abena has overstepped her bounds, and the internet is not having it.

Some people are cursing her, while others tell her to get medical help right now.
There are also many who believe she will be arrested.

We’re afraid we can’t publish the video here, but it’s all over Twitter (@officialtmzus) right now, with mostly bad feedback.