Never Beg For A woman’s Love – Lhadymhay To Men

Never Beg For A woman's Love - Lhadymhay To Men

Youngest Ghanaian motivational tiktoker, Lhadymhay has advised men on how to choose their love life. She said begging for a woman’s love may not end well with you.

As she is mostly known for, her motivational (Love) speeches has gotten the attention of most Ghanaians.

In her recent video posted on Tiktok, she advised men never to beg a woman for her love.

”One thing no man should ever do in this world is to beg for a woman’s love, never beg for a woman’s love, how does it even seem when she says she loves you and you begging for her love. if you beg her to love you, maybe it will bring you problems.

”Don’t ever beg for any woman’s love, if you are a man be patient, you will get a woman who loves you, a woman who will understand you.

”Don’t go for looks and beg for her love else it may bring you obstacles you cannot stand in the end.”

What do you make of this advice? watch video below and drop your comment in the comment section below.

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