Most-watched Netflix Original TV shows 2021 [Top 10]

Most-watched Netflix Original TV shows 2021 [ Top 10]

A Netflix Original TV show is any series that is produced by Netflix. Thus, the series has not appeared on any network other than Netflix.

The term ‘Netflix Original’ is also used to refer to a show Netflix has exclusive international streaming rights to, one that Netflix has co-produced with another network, and a continuation of a previously canceled show.

In most cases, a series is defined as a ‘Netflix Original’ if you can only watch it on Netflix in your respective country.

It’s important to note that Netflix picks and chooses which titles it releases stats for, to highlight its successes.

The service counts a view when a user has watched at least two minutes of a TV series. Netflix believes that if someone watches two minutes of something, they have made an intentional choice to keep it on. Autoplay is not taken into account.

Here are the top 10 most-watched Netflix Original TV series.

1.The Witcher (Season 1)76 million
2.Money Heist (Season 4)65 million
3.Tiger King (Limited Series)64 million
4.You (Season 2)54 million
5.Too Hot to Handle (Season 1)51 million
6.Umbrella Academy (Season 1)45 million
7.Money Heist (Season 3)44 million
8.Never Have I Ever (Season 1)40 million
9.Space Force (Season 1)40 million
10.Sex Education (Season 1)40 million
 You (Season 1)40 million
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