Most Celebrities Are Constantly crying In Hell-Morris Babyface

Most Celebrities Are Constantly Crying In Hell-Morris Babyface

Ghanaian music producer and singer, Morris Babyface believes that if people who want to be famous at any cost realize how difficult it is to be a celebrity, they will reconsider.

According to him, life at the top is lonely and not as rosy as most famous people portray it.

He stated that, while this is not news because it has happened before to celebrities, it is important for others to learn from the mistakes of others.
Whatever is happening in the lives of celebrities now has happened in the past to other celebrities, according to him.

“If you want to become a celebrity by all means, don’t forget this. There’s a price to pay. Most celebrities are secretly living in hell and are always crying. Forget about how they appear publicly. Most of them wish they knew what they know now, that, when you get to the top, there’s nothing there. This post may sound foolish to those who careless. they shall go ahead for fame till they are trapped. All news is old news happening to new people. Only the wise shall learn from other people’s mistakes.”

In his social media post, he added, “The LORD’s blessing makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow to it.”
“Christ Jesus loves you!”

Morris Babyface had a lot of hit songs in the country not long ago.

These popular songs were mostly gospel songs that he produced for Esther Smith and other gospel artists.

He admitted in 2021 that he used to sleep with a lot of women before he was reborn.

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