Moesha Denies Repentance Confession, Claiming God Used Her To Tell Someone's Story

Moesha Denies Repentance Confession, Claiming God Used Her To Tell Someone’s Story

Moesha Boduong has denied the confessions she made in her viral repentance video.

A video of Moesha Boduong confessing some of the wild things she has done for money and fame surfaced online in July 2021, with reports that she was saved from committing suicide.

In the video, the actress, dressed in a dusty long gown, can be heard passionately discussing her repentance and dedication to Christ.
“I was so sick because the devil didn’t want me to say anything,” she explained.

However, in a new interview, the actress claims that everything she said in the video was not about her.

“She confessed that everything she said in a viral video in which she made several shocking revelations and alleged suicide attempt on top of an unfinished building in East Legon was not a story about her, but God used her to tell the world,” according to

According to the actress in the viral video, she depleted her bank account in order to live a new life in Christ.

“I no longer have anything in my account because I sold my car.
Did you notice I was going to pick Bolt? I don’t have anything, I’ve given everything, and I’m happier now than I was when you’d see me driving around in a Range Rover.
I was dissatisfied “She stated.

The actress advised young girls in the video below, saying “So it’s not easy for all these girls who looked at my lifestyle and wanted to be like me.
Some of these girls die as a result of sleeping with the wrong men.
All these men do is take our honour and hand us peanuts “..