Madonna Goes Topless While Striking A Pose

Madonna Goes Topless While Striking A Pose

Madonna maintained her string of sensual Instagram images while celebrating the 30th anniversary of her Sex book and Erotica album. This time, she was completely topless.

She is embracing the notion of the “dirty 30.”

She stripped off for some very sensual Instagram photos as she continues to honor her Erotica album’s 30th anniversary.

A silver under-bust corset, white leggings, and tan fishnet stage tights are all Madonna is wearing in one photo, with carefully placed lollipops and money-bag emojis concealing her nipples. The 64-year-old maintained her straight, strawberry blonde hair for glitz and continued to sport her trendy bleached brows and overlined mauve lip.

The “Material Girl” singer then shared another seductive photo, this time in black and white, showing her torso in a black leather corset and black fishnet stockings with a candy emoji over her crotch.

A few days prior, Madonna posted an obscene Instagram Story selfie wearing two vibrator necklaces from the Crave line of “pleasure jewelry.”

Released on October 20, 1992, Erotica was Madonna’s fifth studio album and featured the sultry singles “Deeper and Deeper” and “Erotica.” Due to its extremely graphic material, MTV finally banned the music video for the last single. The record and Madonna’s contentious coffee table book Sex, which featured the singer in NSFW photos and frequently referenced S&M imagery, were released simultaneously.

Madonna has been praising the ground-breaking record and book on social media over the past few weeks, but not without sparking fresh controversy. The “Up” rapper was named-checked by the Evita star, who also used a clown emoji to comment on how she was once dubbed “a whore, a witch, a heretic, and the devil” by the media for expressing her “point of view about sexuality.”

“Cardi B is now able to sing about her WAP. Miley Cyrus can enter like a wrecking ball and appear on any magazine’s cover alongside Kim Kardashian, “On October 22, she posted to her Instagram Stories. You’re welcome, little girls.

Cardi took issue and responded on Twitter with the following: “Without using clown emojis or acting slick out of the mouth, she can still express her point.

Once you succeed in the industry, these idols truly disappoint, which is why I keep to myself.”

However, the conflict didn’t last long. A few hours later, Cardi erased her original comments and revealed on her Instagram Stories that she had a “great discussion” with the “Vogue” singer.

Then, Madonna tweeted, “I love you @iamcardib! always have and always will,” the rapper responded.”

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