“Lets Swallow Our Pride and Seek Guidance From Nigerians” – Wendy Shay

"Lets Swallow Our Pride and Seek Guidance From Nigerians" - Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay has advised the Ghanaian music business players and her fellow musicians who have been drawing comparisons between Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians.

Some claim that while Ghanaian musicians lag behind, Nigerian musicians have figured out how to market their records on a global scale. Wendy first stated a few days ago that Nigerian musicians should be commended for using their music to draw attention to Africa.

“Ghanaian Artistes Should thank Nigerians Artistes, For bringing the world’s attention to Africa …through Afrobeats. Ghana wake up,” She stated in a tweet sent out a few days ago. She made a comment that sparked a discussion, then today she made another statement.

Tic, a seasoned rapper from Ghana, responded to Wendy’s remark by disagreeing with her. Enjoy your music and keep working hard for yourself and your country; don’t get involved in the mix of things you don’t understand, he wrote. If not for our bad Ghanaian PHD syndrome, things may have turned out differently.

Wendy Shay has just taken to Twitter to advise her fellow musicians to be humble and learn from Nigerians in her final response to Tic and others.

“Give Nigerian Artistes their flowers 4 bringing the world’s Attention to africa thru Afrobeats N u ppl vex? I will say it again lets swallow our pride, go to dem and ask dem how they did it,they might show us the road. God is using me speak to u,U ppl no wan listen Ghana wake up,” she said.

The discussion starts after Sarkodie makes a remark about Ghanaian radio hosts who are constantly criticizing Ghanaian singers for not going global.

The rapper said he doesn’t get why radio hosts who have been active in the community for years would be critical of musicians for failing to expand their fan base.

“It is easy for somebody to sit on radio and tell you Shatta Wale no do this. You, you dey radio top for Ghana for close to 20 years wey you no fit come enter Choice for here or BBC. I don’t think you have the moral right to talk about artiste wey e dey Ghana wey e no move. Because me I go BBC because it is Komla Dumor wey e make I go,” Sarkodie said.

Since then, the comment has caused controversy and anger since some radio hosts believe Sarkodie was rude in what he said. Shatta Wale is supporting Sarkodie in the meanwhile.

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