Late DMX’s daughter Sonovah Junior, Or performs at a live show

Late DMX's daughter Sonovah Junior, Or performs at a live show

The joy of every father is to see his child take after his profession and do well—unfortunately, DMX didn’t live to see this moment.

The daughter of the late rapper, DMX performed her first-ever life show at her fathers memorial. Sonovah Hillman Jr. otherwise known as JRX performed her version of her father’s song, “Slippin’.”

Sonovah on her YouTube channel posted a live herself performing video of herself. The event took place at a venue called the Wildcatter Saloon in Katy, Texas.

Subsequently, a photo of the young girl standing next to a car painted in a tribute of her late father was also shared on her Instagram.

“Thank you so much @wildcatter_saloon I won’t ever forget you giving me the opportunity,” the caption reads. “My first concert [tongue sticking out emoji] forever grateful [praying hands emoji] big thank you and shout out to Justin, John, Carmen, and Scott. When I make it big I’m coming back. I promise. #FOREVERDMX.”

It is not clear what the future holds for this young girl and her musical career, however fans of the late musician have shown tremendous support for the girl for following in his Dad’s profession.

Enjoy Sonovah Hillman performance below.

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