Keke Palmer Announces Pregnancy On SNL; Expecting First Baby

Keke Palmer Announces Pregnancy On SNL; Expecting First Baby

Keke Palmer is about to embark on a new stage of life: parenthood. The host of the chat program said she is expecting her first child. For her thrilling announcement, keep reading.

We’re happy for this woman.

Why? since Keke Palmer is expecting her first child. On December 3, the actress announced the news while hosting Saturday Night Live. Before lifting her jacket to show her baby bulge, Keke addressed rumors that she is pregnant during her introductory monologue.

The next thing Keke mentioned was that she is “so excited” to have children and that it is the “greatest blessing.”

The 29-year-old spoke candidly about starting a new chapter in her life and what her future held before making her momentous revelation.

Keke Palmer Announces Pregnancy On SNL; Expecting First Baby

Additionally “The Nope actress reflected on the last year, telling Glamour, “My 28th year has been incredibly informative and encouraging for me to step into my autonomy in an even crazier way than I ever had. I’ve been pouring into myself more and saying no a lot more.” When God gives you a gift, I think you want to make sure you use it appropriately. Carry forth your intended purpose.”

What is she supposed to do right now? Self-control, self-protection, and self-love are important components of it, she noted. “Observing me while assuming that higher-self persona.”

The Emmy winner also discussed how she maintains control over her love life despite being a public figure.

She told the newspaper, “Putting myself first saved me. “That doesn’t mean I’m not giving in, but my level of giving in is extremely limited, and not in the sense of being self-centered, but rather in the sense that I cannot go against what I think is right for me,” the speaker said.

Keke added “For us young women, the most important aspect of falling in love is twisting yourself into a pretzel. I want you to understand that the only way I will experience love, and the kind of love I want, is if I first learn to love myself.”

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