Joe Lycett Admits He Didn't Waste Money On David Beckham World Cup £10,000 Protest

Joe Lycett Admits He Didn’t Waste Money On David Beckham World Cup £10,000 Protest

Joe Lycett, a comedian, referred to David Beckham’s World Cup sponsorship contract in Qatar as “absolute b****” and claimed that although the £10,000 he put into a wood-chipper was legitimate, the money that came out was counterfeit.

Lycett seemed to keep his word when Beckham didn’t respond or acknowledge the ultimatum in any manner.

The 34-year-old, however, made an admission in a little video that she released on social media on Monday, calling the ploy “an empty threat designed to get people talking,” and added that, like the football star’s contentious ambassadorship, it was “complete b* from the start.”

He sarcastically referred to himself as “the p**** who shredded tons of money amid a cost of living crisis” and referred to this as his “final message to David Beckham.”

“I haven’t completely told you the whole truth,” he continued. Since the money that entered the shredder was genuine, the money that emerged was phony.

“Real money would never be ruined by me. I could never be that careless. In fact, before I even hit send on the initial tweet last week, the £10,000 had already been given to LGBTQ+ charities.”

He continued, addressing Beckham directly: “I never anticipated hearing from you. It was a phony warning intended to stir up conversation.

It was similar to your agreement with Qatar, David, in many ways—totally b* from the get-go.

The former England star’s “role as a gay legend” would also be destroyed if he didn’t cease his association with Qatar, according to Lycett’s initial threat.

He then destroyed the infamous David Beckham cover issue of Attitude, which was the first-ever front cover of a gay magazine to feature a Premier League football player, demonstrating his point.

Attitude responded that they were “more than happy to oblige” when Lycett asked for permission to shred it, he claimed.

Instead of the commercial wood chipper he had used for his first trick, he then put the June 2002 issue into a paper shredder that was raised on bricks and saw Beckham’s face vanish inside.

According to rumors, Beckham signed a multimillion-dollar contract with the FIFA World Cup hosts. Lycett estimated the contract’s value at £10 million, but other stories put it as high as £150 million.

Since being selected as the host country, Qatar has received a barrage of criticism, with the nation’s subpar human rights record and ban on same-sex relationships posing particular difficulties.

Participating in same-sex sexual conduct can result in a prison sentence of up to seven years or perhaps the death penalty in Qatar.

It had “all been quite a lot this,” Lycett said as he closed his video, which was recorded in the same dingy room as his money-shredding Livestream the day before, and he was “off down the gay village to have a few pints.”

The revelation that the money had not actually been shredded has once again sparked debate, much like his initial stunt, which divided opinion (some arguing that it was immoral to destroy money when so many people were experiencing financial crisis, while others pointing out that Lycett was raising awareness for significant issues).

Some criticized the comedian’s acts as “attention seeking,” saying that the comedian’s admission had validated their suspicions that it was all a publicity hoax and that a celebrity the size of Beckham would not be concerned by Lycett’s antics.

Joe Lycett Admits He Didn't Waste Money On David Beckham World Cup Protest Of £10,000

Others, however, referred to him as “an icon” and “a legend,” with one supporter stating: “Be a Joe Lycett in a world of David Beckhams.”

One person on social media commented on a post by writing “replied: “I realized it was a publicity ploy, but it got people talking about an important subject and gave charities $10,000.” Suitable for me.”

Someone else made light of the fact that Lycett ought to be up for Sports Personality Of The Year.

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