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Jackline Mensah Narrowly Escapes Death In A House Fire (VIDEO)

Jackline Mensah, Ghanaian TikTok star, is grateful for her life after her house caught fire last night.

While taking a bath, the content creator’s house caught fire. According to reports, the fire started in her home studio. “I nearly lost my life last night,” she said of narrowly avoiding death.

Jackline Mensah described the incident in detail “I was in the shower when my house caught fire, starting in my studio. I’m at a loss for words as to how I feel right now. And He who is within me is greater than He who is outside of me. I am alive”.

The Ghanaian TikTok star informed her fans about the incident by posting a video of herself wearing a bathrobe stained with ashes and smoke from the fire.

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