''It’s So Sad When A Man Have A Big D**ck But Don't Know How To Use It'' – Yemi Alade

”It’s So Sad When A Man Have A Big D**ck But Don’t Know How To Use It” – Yemi Alade

The saddest thing in a bedroom is a guy who cannot properly fulfill his girlfriend, according to Nigerian artist Yemi Alade.

The artist said on the ‘Lip Service Podcast’ that most guys have a large penis but do not know how to utilize it.

“You have to experience things to know how they feel, and this doesn’t work for me. It annoys me. Skill counts because some individuals have it but don’t know how to utilize it, which is terrible.”

Yemi expressed how she would speak with any male who will ever put her through such an ordeal.

“In addressing it, I’ll say I enjoy you and the time we spend together. So, should we make it more interesting? I think we could do more than merely sit on top of one other.”

Yemi urged ladies to be cautious and respectful in such sensitive situations.

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