Intro.Dues. In. You; Verbalist To Interrogate The Idea Of ”You” At This Years Edition

Intro.Dues. In. You; Herbalist To Interrogate The Idea Of ''You'' At This Years Edition

Whether spoken by word, acted by movement, or delivered in silence, a verbalist performance is never misleading. Even if it’s misleading, it leads to something that was, something that is, or something that is going to come to you.

“You” see a performance and “you” start guessing meanings. “You” embroider stories or supposed narratives that may or may not. But who says “you” can’t? “Intro.Dues. In.

YOU” is set to take you on a meticulous journey into the multidimensional idea of “YOU”, metaphorically speaking to see, smell, touch and feel what was, what is and what could be. “You” never know, what and who “you” is.

Does “you” imply only a person or it could also be a thing? Can I present my idea of “you”?

In this 2nd edition, carefully selected Verballists have been assigned to interrogate and present their personal stance on the idea of “YOU”.

“Intro.DUES.In.YOU – An.Order.WAY” II, is both implicit and explicitly engaging questions of definition, power, and authority, life and love, here and hereafter.

Headliner Verballist Yibor Kojo Yibor (Sir Black)

Special Guest: Samira Fall – Senegal

Featuring: Natty Ogli // Briana Buckman // Twita Lite // Jewell King-Speaks //
The Humankind

Sound Painting: Nii Musick // Froggy

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