If E-Levy Fails To Produce Results, I’ll Run Against The NPP, Prince David Osei Threatens

If E-Levy Fails To Produce Results, I'll Run Against The NPP, Prince David Osei Promises.

Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei has threatened to campaign against the current NPP government if the E-Levy does not result in any developmental progress.

The actor in his comment on the new tax imposed by the Ghana Revenue Authority on electronic transactions, saying that the charges are unendurable.

Good morning fellow Ghanaians, Happy New Month and a blessed month at that. E- Levy starts today. The charges are enormous I know, we all feeling the economic meltdown,” Prince David Osei said in a post shared on his social media pages.

According to the renowned supporter of the New Patriotic Party and who campaigned for the sitting president to win power in 2020, if he doesn’t see development from the E-Levy revenue, he would advocate against the government.

I say this here and now without fear or favour, that if we don’t see any improvement in our economy or daily lives after all these excruciating charges, levies, etc. I will personally lead the campaign to reject this government and more, just as I put all my energy into 4more4Nana to do more,” he said.

He continued, “there’s so much misappropriation of state funds and resources that it must stop now!!! We want to see improvement in the standard of living, we want to see growth in our economy, we want a higher GDP, we want our Cedis stabilized against other currencies, we want our purchasing power back!!

In his conclution, Prince Davido Osei encouraged the government to combat corruption. “Ghana we love Special prosecutor, please please let’s see you in action!! Silence is dangerous .. Happy New Month! Happy Workers Day! God bless”.

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