I Will Never Accept Another Broke Man Into My Life – Xandy Kamel

I Will Never Accept Another Broke Man Into My Life – Xandy Kamel

Xandy Kamel is reconsidering her marriage plans.

After her first marriage failed, she decided not to marry again.

However, in a recent interview with ZionFelix obtained by tmzus.com, Xandy stated that she will not repeat a mistake she made in the past.

According to the “Yeenom Tea” host, she will no longer tolerate financially unstable people in the hopes that one day it will be better for them so that she can also enjoy lavishly, so she only seeks wealthy men.

Xandy Kamel went on to say that she never considered such things in her previous relationship and realized she made a mistake, so she is looking for a partnership that will improve her life and protect her from future disasters.

She also stated that because partnerships are not one-sided, she will be willing to support her boyfriend with the small amount of money she earns from advertising and brand endorsements.

She also stated that she is looking for someone with a mature attitude and a strong relationship with God, whose lifestyle will have a positive impact on her life and correspond with her energy.

The interview is embedded below:

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